Captain Ed’s Boyland: 1932-1959

Captain Ed ran a boys summer camp at Felton Grove from 1932-1959.

Circa 1950's. Captain Ed's Boyland.

Circa 1950’s. Captain Ed’s Boyland.

1936 Kitchen Staff at Felton Grove. Camp Bruning was later called Captain Ed's Boyland.

1936 Kitchen Staff at Felton Grove. Camp Bruning was later called Captain Ed’s Boyland.

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3 Responses to Captain Ed’s Boyland: 1932-1959

  1. Tom McGurn says:

    I attended the camp in the 50s. Where can I find bio info on Capt. Ed? I think he may have been a relative.

  2. vickiwees says:

    Hi Tom, I will ask my friend and Felton historian Randall Brown if he could give us a bio on Captain Ed. His name was Ed Dougherty (sp?) and his wife was called Babe. I can’t think what her real name was. They both had theater background and he was with a religious group who held summer camps at Felton Grove since 1932. He lived on the property on River Rd in Felton for some years in the 50’s and possibly until 1961. If you were related I’d love to know more. Vicki

  3. vickiwees says:

    Hi Tom, Randall has suggested you contact Marla at Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History as they have a collection on Captain Ed: I have gotten much of my material from them. In case you missed it, there is a category on Captain Ed that you can click on on this blog: There are a lot more photos and info plus a group photo of all the boys in the 1950’s. After you click on the category “Captain Ed” you can then click on any headline and you’ll see the whole thing, photo, text, etc. If you find yourself in any of the group photos from the 50’s let me know which kid you are so I can add that to the post. Vicki

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