Felton Grove: 1983 Road Project

1983 Article Felton Grove Road Project

1983 Article Felton Grove Road Project

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4 Responses to Felton Grove: 1983 Road Project

  1. Tabatha says:

    My grandparents, The Wallisers, are shown on the right. They owned three lots on Circle dr., my Aunt Carrie owned the lot that includes the building with the painted flowers on Graham Hill. (I remember when she painted them). My Uncle Bill stills owns the house catty corner to my Grandparents on Circle. I have amazing memories growing up in The Grove surrounded by my family; using our spare change to buy candy at the laundry mat and eating it under the covered bridge, catching craw dad’s, picking blackberries. It was a great place to live, even with the occasional flooding.

  2. vickiwees says:

    Hi Tabatha, Thanks so much for your comment! I remember some of your relatives. My memory is a bit hazy – was Ernie your grandfather? And I recall his son, was it Harry? It’s great to hear people’s happy memories from those days. I probably met you at some point since I was in the grove in 1979 then after the ’82 flood I bought a house on Circle down from your families properties. And, of course, I still live here. Not many crawdads left. Love your memories!

    • Tabatha says:

      Yes! Ernie and Deanna. Their kids: Tookie, Harry (son Jeremiah), Carrie, Ray and my mom Anna (kids: me, Nicole, Maggie, Brandy, Andrew). Tookie and Bill (their kids Lisa, Bryan and Johnnie) lived on the corner of Sylvan, Carrie (kids Jay, Jessica, Jared, Jamie, Joseph, Ginelle, Emmy) lived on River, moved to Circle after 82. I’m sure we knew you, all the grandkids ran the neighborhood, with the boys whose mom ran the Heavenly Cafe when it was still on 9. You may remember when Ernie built the big blue barn house and Jared was hit by a car as a child. And of course I could never forget Carl. We had an awesome fort where the small dirt hill leads to the laundry mat and we terrorized the neighborhood on our bikes. 🙂

      • vickiwees says:

        Oh my gosh yes, yes and yes! All you kids were maniacs 🙂 Mine were in there somewhere, too. Jake, born 1971 and Eli born 1977. Not sure who in your family fit in to those ages. I remember the sad accident with little Jared…aged 2 or 3 I think? My son Jake passed away 13 years ago this Oct. 17th. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful little tidbits about “the Grove”. If you or your family have any old photos of anything in the Grove or Felton that might be good in the blog, please feel free to send them along. I’m glad we’re in touch, Tabatha! Thanks for the memories…p.s. I have 2 other blogs: feltonhomesandhistory.com and santacruzblogazine.com which covers all of Santa Cruz County and beyond, as well as some trippy stuff from around the world (like the Easter Island stuff and under “fun Stuff” or “fascinating stuff” some really goofy inventions from the 1920’s and 30’s.) Cheers 🙂

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