Newspaper: 1900

Sept. 8, 1900 Sentinel: “A few days ago I rode up along the Zayante Creek and after seeing the many improvements in campgrounds, picnic grounds, and hotel accommodations for summer tourists, I am more and more convinced that Santa Cruz and the Santa Cruz mountains are fast becoming the greatest health and pleasure resorts on the Pacific Coast.

After crossing the bridge* over the San Lorenzo river at Felton, going towards the depot on the right, is a large, fine grove, called Camp Felton**.

Following up the Zayante Creek, a few hundred yards above the depot, I saw a large sign which read “Campus Station.” Under this is the name of the hotel and grounds, which is Arcadia, and it all belongs to and is conducted by Thomas L. Bell and his wife.

*Felton Covered Bridge

**Felton Grove

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2 Responses to Newspaper: 1900

  1. Derek Whaley says:

    This is strange. In 1900, Tuxedo should be at the site of Mt Hermon, not Arcadia. But Thomas Bell was active during this time, investing in Tanglewood and Forest Lakes in the coming years. I wonder if Tuxedo was more short-lived than previously thought. The term “Campus” is definitely used for Mt. Hermon during this time, with Tuxedo only appearing on one time table. Very interesting.

  2. vickiwees says:

    I will keep an eye out for more info on this. Thanks, Derek.

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