Felton Grove: 1868 Glass Works?

New Town of Felton ad 1868

New Town of Felton ad 1868

A week after this ad appeared, in June 1868, an article read: “GLASS WORKS–Among the many manufacturing facilities of Santa Cruz, there is none that could be more readily or cheaply improved than the manufacture of crystal or flint glass. On the Rancho of Mr. Treat (see map below of Felton Grove owned by  George Treat) large deposits of flint sand or silica-white as the driven snow-are heaped up  mountain high. The sand hills on the San Lorenzo are inexhaustable, located near the eastern side of the stream and within half a mile of the new railroad now being constructed. Water power could be cheaply and successfully used in grinding the glass and to drive the machinery to make the boxes, etc. necessary to finish and pack the many and intricate articles now under the general heading of glassware.”

1894 Map of Felton Grove and surrounding areas.

1894 Map of Felton Grove and surrounding areas.

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2 Responses to Felton Grove: 1868 Glass Works?

  1. Derek Whaley says:

    Strange. I wonder if the railroad here is referencing the San Lorenzo Valley Railroad that never succeeded. The Santa Cruz & Felton Railroad didn’t start up until 1873 or so, after the other railroad had gone bankrupt.

  2. vickiwees says:

    So many little mysteries yet to be solved.

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