Timeline: Felton Grove 1850-1873

Picnic Ground map (later Felton Grove) circa early 1900's. Courtesy Randall Brown.

Picnic Ground map (later Felton Grove) circa early 1900’s. Courtesy Randall Brown.

Zayante Rancho and Felton Grove

Area 22 in map above shows “Picnic Ground” (later named Felton Grove) and the Fuse Factory Lot (at Graham Hill Rd and E. Zayante Rd.) “Picnic Ground” was the area where the residential section of Felton Grove is now. “Edge of Brush” would be in the general area of Park Ave. “Cultivated Land” would be where the Church property is now. Also note the train bridge that crosses Zayante Creek and, next to that, the bridge that crosses Zayante Creek on Graham Hill Rd. Map circa early 1900’s. Courtesy of Randall Brown.

May 1850: Joseph Majors files papers with Land Claims Court showing transfer to Isaac Graham and William (Billy) Ware. (3/4 Graham, 1/4 Ware) “$1,000 paid to him in 1842 by Isaac Graham.”

June 1852: Graham and Ware file patent claim on Rancho.

Jan. 1854: William Ware sells his quarter-share of Zayante Rancho to Isaac Graham for $18,250.

Feb. 1862: Isaac Graham gives mortgage to lawyer Edward Stanly to cover legal expenses of $20,000.

1863: Death of Isaac Graham.

1864: Edward Stanly receives title to Zayante Rancho. Map shows “Proposed Village” at future site of Felton Grove.

March 1867: U.S. Supreme Court confirms Stanly’s patent and boundaries.

Dec. 1867: Joseph and Isabella Welch purchase 350 acres of Zayante Rancho from Stanly for $8500 (see map), including Big Tree Grove and present site of Roaring Camp and Lumber Yard.

June 10, 1868: Survey of Town of Felton filed. First lot sold to Walter Cooper of Santa Cruz.

1868: Eagle Fuse Factory established on Zayante Creek (see map). Death of William Ware.

1869-1872: Edward Stanly sells Zayante Rancho (except for Felton lots already sold) to George Treat of San Francisco for $75,000.

July 1873: Independence Day celebrated at picnic ground across river, featuring new dance floor.

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4 Responses to Timeline: Felton Grove 1850-1873

  1. Derek Whaley says:

    Do you have a harder date for this photograph? I’d suspect it’s much earlier than 1900. I find it odd that “Felton Junction” is labeled where the new “Felton Depot” is actually located, since the real Felton Junction is south of Big Trees. This also may confirm that there was no crossing over the San Lorenzo River next to the Covered Bridge until after the line was broad gauged. The mentioned of Mount Hermon dates this photograph to at least 1902, which is when, I believe, the association was founded. Do you have any more insights into this?

  2. vickiwees says:

    Sorry Derek. This is all I know. Now that I think of it, wasn’t the railroad bridge that crossed Zayante Creek built in 1917? Or was there an earlier one?

    • Derek Whaley says:

      The Zayante Trestle near Felton Depot was indeed built in 1917, which is really late for a trestle on the mountain route, especially since logging had ended three years earlier. But that trestle replaced an earlier one since a route had gone from Felton to Boulder Creek since 1884. I’ve never seen an earlier photo of that trestle and I only have one photo of the later one.

  3. vickiwees says:

    Thanks for the info Derek!

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