Timeline: Felton Grove 1840-1842

Zayante Rancho and Felton Grove

Spring, 1840: Round-up of “foreigners” (American and British). Isaac Graham (see photo below) sent to prison in Mexico. Billy Ware and Henry Neale come to Zayante.

March 1841: Joseph Majors applies to replace Francisco Mos (aka LaJeaness). Majors, Peter Lassen, F. Hegel and William Ware partners in construction of water-powered saw-mill, first successful one in California.

April 22, 1841: Zayante and San Augustin (now Scotts Valley) Ranchos granted to Joseph Majors.

July 1841: Isaac Graham returns from captivity in Mexico.

1842: Isaac Graham, Henry Neale and William Ware purchase Zayante Rancho privately from Joseph Majors. Lassen, Hegel and Majors sell their sawmill to Graham and partners. Lassen receives 113 mules as payment.

 Isaac Graham, 1850's. Graham Hill Rd. was named after him.

Isaac Graham, 1850’s. Graham Hill Rd. was named after him.

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