Newspaper: 1938 Felton Grove

Sentinel, Sept. 1938:

National Guard and Wives Tent in Felton Grove. Annual Holiday Will Feature Picnics and Games.

Ninety National Guardsman, their wives and families arrived at Felton Grove from San Jose yesterday to hold their first annual recreational outing. A non-military holiday, the outing was agreed upon recently by the guardsman to replace their annual stag banquet.

Staying until Sunday evening, the group will hold a wienie roast tonight and a barbecue and games tomorrow afternoon. Feature of the games tomorrow promises to be the fat ladies’ race according to Captain Charles E. Lynch, commanding officer of the company. Lack of diet, or abundance of food, threatens to expand the last of eligible entries beyond the control of the officials, Captain Lynch said.

Felton Grove will hold a dance for the men and their wives tonight, according to H. V. Witham. The affair will be open to the public as well. The tents of the week-enders, to prove their outing is entirely a social one, range from neat military pup tents to mountain camping outfits and beach unbrella tends.

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