Newspaper: Sentinel 1880

June 17, 1880 Sentinel:

Felton Letter

Our little town is quite a lively place nowadays, having quite an influx of summer visitors and many campers in the vicinity. The different hotels have been making improvements and getting new furniture in to accommodate the rush, but on Saturday nights are quite unable to supply all demands for beds. Many families have taken lodgers, and we may yet rival Santa Cruz.

Within a few hundred yards of Felton, just across the San Lorenzo and between it and the Zayante, lies the prettiest spot for picnics and camping parties on the whole San Lorenzo. It has been used by the people of Felton to picnic at for many years, and the grove has been partially cleared of underbrush, avenues and winding walks have been cut, rustic seats put in many places, tables and benches to accommodate a great many put up, a large dancing floor laid, and many other things done to make it pleasant and comfortable, but the place has been known to few besides the Feltonites. Now that the S. P. C. R. R. is in running order, picnic parties have discovered this lovely retreat, and it is occupied from a party from San Francisco numbering some two hundred, who propose to stay some time. They are very comfortably settled, having sent down in advance three car-loads of freight, with men to put up tents and arrange things for housekeeping. They have thirty four white tents among the green trees, and the camp has a very cheerful, animated look. There is a large majority of women and children during the week, but on Saturdays the husbands and fathers come down to spend Monday with their families in the quiet shades of this most beautiful grove. They spend their time hunting, fishing, bathing, gathering ferns, flowers, etc., and in visiting the different lime kilns, mills. big trees-which are only a short mile from camp-go to Santa Cruz and take a plunge in the ocean and come back on the next train.

Work will be commenced soon on the bridge across the Zayante near the depot.

Board of Supervisors. This being the time set for opening bids for building a bridge across the Zayante Creek, in San Lorenzo District, and the Board considering the bid of the California Building Company the most advantageous, they were awarded the contract. Their bid was $1840.

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