San Lorenzo River: USGS Water Watch

This is a great site to view the historical and current “streamflow” for our river.

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3 Responses to San Lorenzo River: USGS Water Watch

  1. I grew up in Ben Lomond, and now live in Boulder Creek. More importantly, I am the Service Hydrologist for the National Weather Service (office is in Monterey), and my job is to forecast river conditions in the Bay Area and disseminate flood warnings and watches to agency officials, the media, and the general public. Even more informative than the USGS gaging data is the 5-day forecast for river stage (height) and flow for that same site. The River Forecast Center, a supporting branch of the NWS, simulates flow conditions at the Big Trees gage 5 days into the future. My anecdotal understanding is that flooding starts to occur around or just above a stage of 17 feet as measured at the Big Trees gage. Vicki or others, correct me if I’m wrong (the official flood stage has not really been established for that gage). At any rate, the link is here:

    The projection at this point in time is that we are not slated to get into “flood territory” with this weekend’s storm, but the model is run every 6 hours, so that picture may change. Stay tuned to this site and storm.

    • vickiwees says:

      Hi Mark, Wow! Thank you SO much for the info! Yes, around 17 ‘ +- is what we understand as well. I’ll check out the site…sounds great! Appreciate it 🙂

      • Thanks Vicki. Stage got just below 17′ at the peak of the Nov.28-Dec.2 storm system. Watershed was not quite saturated before that system came through the area. Now the watersheds are wet and “primed”. If we get an equivalent storm system this weekend (not sure yet), FG will likely flood. The anecdote on my end is that the precip forecasts, and hence the model results for the Big Trees gage, are more often than not under-forecast. No alarm bells yet, but keep yer eyes peeled and plan accordingly.

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