Newspaper: 1956 SLV Reporter

SLV Reporter  Jan. 5, 1956

Herb Cohenour Loses Photographic Equipment In Flood.

Home and Studio were in Felton Grove and were both completely ruined by the flood waters. (the photographer for SLV Reporter.)

Marjorie Wright Feeds Workers Cleaning Felton Grove Area.

Mrs. Wright, operator of Felton Grove, has been practically working around the clock feeding and serving hot coffee to workers who are struggling to clear up the dreadful mess made by the flood in Felton Grove. Mrs. Wright reports that four of her cottages have been moved from their foundations and the furniture practically ruined. Her own residence, which fortunately was on higher ground, suffered only minor damage, although she lost everything in her garage, including hundreds of fine books.

(Note from Vicki Wees: The flood occurred Dec. 22, 1955 and flooded downtown Santa Cruz as well.)

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