Newspaper: 1939 Riptide – Jitterbugging Outlawed

Jitterbugging Strictly Outlawed At Felton Grove Resort

Riptide, July 28, 1939:

Witham Proving Youth is Still “Old Fashioned”. 

An interesting commentary on modern youth psychology has been afforded by H. V. Witham’s experiment at his popular Felton Grove Resort, where this year he has clamped down on “jitterbug dances” as he calls them.

“It got so that the dances were attracting merely a certain few so-called ‘jazz hounds’, with the result that our regular, worthwhile guests and other patrons were staying away,” Mr. Witham commented.

“So this summer we started a pure old-fashioned dance, with jitterbugging strictly outlawed-and it certainly has clicked with our young folks and regular patrons. Even the cynical, now that they’ve actually enjoyed and seen our parties, admit the old-fashioned programs are tops for real honest-to-goodness fun. The proof lies in our attendance each Saturday.”

The San Lorenzo Valley populace agrees that “Witham surely hit on something”.

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