Felton Grove Today

Felton Grove Today:

Just a short walk to town, Felton Grove is a sunny, 16 acre neighborhood sprinkled with Sycamores, Redwoods and Bay trees. You can hear the whistle from Historic Roaring Camp Railroad, walk across the old Felton Covered Bridge, which spans the beautiful San Lorenzo River, and picnic at our local and state parks. Shopping, seasonal Farmer’s Market and delightful coffee houses are all within easy walking distance.

Starting in the 1880’s, Felton Grove was, for many years, a summer camping destination for wealthy San Francisco Bay Area families. Many brought their chefs and servants with them to enhance their vacation experience. In the 1920’s when automobiles were more widely used, Felton Grove became a Resort and Auto Camp. In the 1940’s and 50’s, Felton Grove had a Dance Hall with live bands, a snack counter for burgers and soda pop and even pinball machines. Originally tent cabins were erected for the summer months. Over time, these were converted into more permanent vacation homes with heat, insulation and running water. Gradually room additions and further improvements were made and they became year round residences. Paved roads and street signs came in the 1990’s.

Starting in 1998, the community worked with FEMA and the county so that most of the homes could be elevated above “the 100 year flood level”. This protects the houses from flooding during extreme rain events. Felton Grove has evolved into a lovely enclave of about 50 homes.  Pride of ownership is evident as you drive down the quiet country lanes in this lovely neighborhood.

Entry to Felton Grove is off Graham Hill Rd at Park Ave.

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