Newspaper: 1922 Evening News

Felton Grove Auto Camp Opens:

April 1, 1922 Evening News:

Beautiful New Auto Camp. The beautiful new Felton Grove Auto Camp ground, located in the heart of the Santa Cruz mountains, at the forks of the San Lorenzo river and the Zayante creek, only a short distance from the Big Trees and the town of Felton, and commanding 16 acres of natural grove and five acres of playground, opens April 10, but is now in first-class condition for inspection for autoists who may be seeking reservations later. The official opening of the camp is scheduled for May 30.

The grove and camp are located one-forth of a mile from the Southern Pacific depot and post office at Felton and all campers arriving by train will be met at the train by an auto.

Tents are for rent, either furnished or unfurnished. Some of the best trout fishing in Santa Cruz county is to be had at the camp during fishing season. Shower baths and 2000 feet of river enable this camp to offer splendid facilities in this line as well as good boating for all who enjoy this pleasure.

The camp is well provided with electric light and taxi service, and also will contain ice cream, candy, cigar and tobacco stands as well as a modern auto repair shop. All prices will be moderate. Tomorrow offers an ideal time to inspect this camp. Advt.

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