Newspaper: 1896 Surf

July 1896 Surf: A large party of the Berkeley campers at Felton Grove visited Santa Cruz on Tuesday. Some went down in carriages, and some on wheels*, while the rest of the party, about sixteen in all, walked. After enjoying themselves in various ways, and going in surf bathing, they took possession of a flat car and rode home. They all reported a jolly good time.

Recent arrivals at Felton Grove are:

At Camp “La Serene” – Miss Frances S. Loring and Miss Edith M. Wadsworth of San Francisco.

At Camp “Dew Drop Inn” – Miss Etta Bartlett.

Camp “Captain Jinks and Rob Roy” – Mr. and Mrs. Casement, Miss Casement, W. H. Greenwood, and Master Frankie Howell, all of San Francisco, and Mrs. Mathews of Oakland.

Camp “Take It Easy” – Mr. Pettee and wife and brother, and Porter Roberts.

Camp “Idle Hours” – S. H. Knapp of San Mateo.

Several tramps visited Felton Grove a few days ago. Many articles were stolen from the campers and from appearances, the visitors made themselves quite at home. They wisely departed early next morning before the sun and the wrath of the campers arose.

The Misses Grace Dobbins and Etta Bartlett took a spin to Santa Cruz on their wheels* Thursday.

(*early term for bicycles)

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