Newspaper: 1886 Surf

Felton Grove History: As early as 1880, Felton Grove was “the summer home of a number of merry parties”. The following article was from June 16, 1886 Surf:

(note: Felton Grove has also been called Camp Felton and Maple Grove since the 1800’s. It appears that earlier folks confused our Sycamores with Maple trees. In the very early 1900’s, proposed subdivisions showed Circle Dr. as Maple Street. See early 1900’s maps.)

16 June, 1886: Camp Felton is looking handsomer than ever this year and is the summer home of a number of merry parties. The first of them on the right as one enters the camp, is Camp Kenna, over which presides a motherly jolly lady who, upon being asked by our reporter how many children she had, replied with insuociance, “Really, I don’t quite know; I think there are 8 or 10.” Mrs. Kenna’s guests are her sister, Miss Emma Murray, and Mr. and Mrs. Allbright, all of Oakland. A Japanese chef de cuisine presides over the necessities of the establishment.

Next comes Camp Hinkel, the abiding place of Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Hinkel, four children and servant, of San Francisco.

The cheerful motto, “Never Despair” has given it’s name to the next abode, and among the numbers who have resolved to nil desperandum are Mrs. Larzelere and five daughters, Mr. W.B. Larzelere, Geo. D. Gear, Harry Horn, Willie Horn, and Milton Grosh, all of San Francisco.

The next camp is occupied by Misses Lulu Feix and Kate Hinkle, and Messrs. Edgar and Henry Hinkel.

Standing away from the others and in a cozy and quiet nook, is the decidedly original “Hotel de Campout”, Mr. and Mrs. O.D. Wheeler, host and hostess, whose guests are Misses Mary and Emma Brooks, Mary and Lucy Gamble.

Coming out of the grove, we notice Camp Oak Knoll, where Mr. and Mrs. Albert Washburn preside, and are accompanied by their daughters Misses Effie, Mabel and Medie. They have camped on this spot for six successive years.

The finding of a horseshoe on the ground while clearing up gave the next camp the name of “Camp Good Luck”, and here Mr. and Mrs. B.F. Sides are found and with them Misses L. Hahn, Maria Durand, Bertha Hotop and Edna Sides, and Master Edgar Ponton de Arce, of San Francisco.

“Camp Delight” is the happy cognomen of the home over which Mrs. Peter Cook presides, and is accompanied by her daughter, Misses Emily Davis, and Lizzie Cook and Neva Myers, Masters John Cook and Arthur Spear, all of San Francisco.

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