Vicki Wees Interviews: Syd Carlson Shares Memories Of Felton Grove

In a phone interview this morning, Syd Carlson shared some of her memories of Felton Grove in the 1950’s. She graciously gave me permission to write about her recollections.

Syd remembers going to the Felton Grove Dance Hall around 1957 and 1958. Her family owned a summer cabin down the street on River Rd, so she has a LOT of history in the area (see photo of Syd’s family cabin called “Fiddlesticks”).

“The Bop”, which was popular during the “Rock Around The Clock” era, was danced there. Syd described entering the Dance Hall through the front double doors. To the right were pinball machines. To the left was a counter that sat about 6 people. Syd remembered sitting there and drinking soda pop. The kitchen was also to the left. Straight ahead was the Dance Hall that included a raised, 8′ x 16′ stage (see photos).

Several of the young male counselors from Captain Ed’s Boyland nearby also came to dance, including Paul Kantner, of Jefferson Airplane fame. Captain Ed and his wife lived on River Rd. in Felton Grove in the 1950’s.

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