Bobcat Sightings In Felton Grove!

Felton Grove, Sept. 30, 2012:

I’m not kidding! This morning my husband Shawn opened the front door and saw, clear as a bell, a bobcat in our yard (we’re on Park Ave at the corner of River Rd.) I didn’t get to the door in time to see it. The last time I saw one was when they were building Woods Cove on Graham Hill Rd. Incredible! We had no idea there were any around here. Very cool but also kind of sad.

(Update Dec. 2, 2012: Our neighbors next door told me they’ve also seen the bobcat.)

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1 Response to Bobcat Sightings In Felton Grove!

  1. Very cool! One night, I heard banging in the wee hours. I shone a flashlight on the rabbit hutch and glimpsed a bobcat dashing away. He was trying to get an easy dinner! Fortunately, the hutch did its job and our pets were safe. What I really want to see is a mountain lion… from a distance!

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